Strategic Cooperation with the Vatican to use iOud Sustainable Agarwood Incense

(Rome) iOUD is proud to announce a partnership with the Vatican to use iOud incense within the Vatican in Italy. 

Mr. Bader AlDulaimi, CEO of Intelligent Oud Co. states, “We are so proud to know that the Vatican has welcomed our product into their community.  Our product has a long history and an authenticity that you cannot find anywhere else in the world, and our consistency, stability, and quality is very unique.  It is also very important that the significance of this partnership is realized, and we are proud to be part of history in the making.” 

This is the first time in history that the Vatican has worked with a Saudi company.  Approved both by the country of Saudi Arabia representing Islam and the Vatican itself, the iOud packaging features the company logo along with the Vatican logo, side by side, in a historical message of unity and peace.  “We believe people can work together naturally, “ says Mr. AlDulaimi.  Intelligent Oud Co. now has 15 points of sale across Italy. 

Made from pure, premium-grade Agarwood sustainably sourced from Indonesia, iOud incense has a rich history reaching back thousands of years in time.  Agarwood is the resinous substance formed inside agarwood trees.  Agarwood as a species is protected by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), which protects the species and extinction of plants and animals.