Century-Old Family Incense Business Continues Focus on Environmental Sustainability

(Riyadh)   For nearly a century, Saudi family-run Intelligent Oud Co. has been producing unique and high-quality incense made from the extraction of natural resins from the agarwood trees in Indonesia and Malaysia.  This family business, aware of the importance of respecting the environment and sustainability, has made the commitment to continue to contribute to sustainable agarwood plantation and commercial management in these locations. 

“The impact of harvesting from nature is not lost on us, “says Mr. Bader AlDulaimi CEO of Intelligent Oud Company.  Oud comes from one of the most valuable and precious raw materials known to man, and for over a century our family has been involved in sharing this treasure with the world. Intelligent Oud Co. is committed to sustainable agarwood plantation for the global environment by re-planting the agarwood plans with the collaboration of world leaders of agarwood plantation in Indonesia and Malaysia.” 

Agarwood is a species of trees protected by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), an organization that protects species and extinction of plants and animals.  Cultivation efforts, including the commercialization of agarwood plantations, help eradicate illegal logging activity.  

Oud, also known as agarwood, is a resinous substance that is formed inside Agarwood trees.  The resin is formed as a result of natural infection with a type of mold, is known to be one of the most expensive raw ingredients in the world, with high-quality oud oil selling at prices in excess of $50,000 USD per liter. 

Smart Incense Company has invested heavily in new technologies and ways to deliver oud to customers around the world.  “We have a vision,” says Mr. AlDulaimi, “ and that is to develop an innovative smell experience beyond borders.” 

In today’s world of climate change and the need for companies to begin to make changes to protect the environment and work in a more sustainable way, Smart Incense Company is able to reflect on nearly a century of business with pride, understanding that sustainability should be part of the core values of companies who partner with nature in order to share its gifts with the world. 

About the Company 

For almost a century now the Al-Dulaimi family has strived to bring the wonder of oud incense to the Arab world. Today, the fruit of those efforts, Intelligent Oud Co. is driven more so to extend that invitation to the globe. By investing heavily in its brand and business, as well as exploring new frontiers in scent with innovative technologies, Intelligent Oud Co. has the vision and the venture to evolve the experience of aroma beyond its present boundaries.