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An innovative solution to an ancient and authentic tradition

Innovative solutions for natural oud and mixed incense to provide products with international and stable standard, stable and reliable quality to reflect the authentic cultural sense and modern solutions. iOud offers products from our farms in various Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, making nature and beauty an integral part of your life. And offering the options of mixing global essential oils, whether oriental or European, to make our options endless..

Product lines: Pure oud, Blended oud

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Our materials are from our natural trees that guarantee clean, safe and reliable products

The history of essential oils in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region goes back to ancient times, and they were known for the special uses of perennial essential oils, which remain in trees for a long time, some of which extend up to 70 years of the oil growing in the tree

We at iOud Company have proudly invented a contemporary line of scents and usage methods to provide multiple and modern solutions that can be used to perfume open and closed spaces for long periods, eliminate odour, renew your space, and relax the mind. Our innovative solutions continue to offer more different solutions for body care, clothing and home through smart sprays with new technology O’SO to express the perfection in the balance of essential oils and eco-friendly to provide a range of luxurious scents ideal for daily use.

Product lines: Air freshener, Body spray, Clothing spray

Our distinctive authentic Saudi blonde coffee brand offers innovative ways through multiple capsules that are compatible with Nespresso or Dolce machines or others, to be the first company to offer Saudi Green and Blond coffee with its famous mixtures of cardamom, saffron and screw in distinctive modern ways. The success of our brand does not lie in the method of presentation only, the real success of our company is in providing real Saudi coffee that is completely identical to what we ban in our homes with its various spices.

Ethically-sourced, organic beverage line that nurtures the body and fuels the soul
Marked with its green beans and unique preparation, Thannah brings forth a contemporary touch to this age-old tradition. Brimming with health benefits and infused with aromatic flavours, our coffee and tea blends are made only with pure and natural ingredients.
Made into pods, Thannah is compatible with any espresso maker, making Saudi’s heritage drinks available to the modern household.

Product lines: Thannah Coffee, Thannah Tea